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Peak Performance Miami

"Building Champions at Life" 

Welcome to Peak Performance National Team.

Hello my name is Juan Miguel Moreno; I am a USA national team coach, as well as the founder and director of Peak Performance USA.  I am very excited to have sixteen exclusive teams from around the United States that will come together to form the Peak Performance National Team.  As an Olympic athlete and current coach, I have always pursued excellence in sport; the Peak Performance Team will do the same ... this team will based on sport principles, state of the art technology and a clear vision.  That vision is to produce Cadet, Junior, Collegiate and National USA Team Members, with ultimate goal of developing athletes to represent the United State in the Olympic games.
As a future member of the Peak Performance Team, there will be many obstacles and challenges ahead of you. But be assured that the coaching staff and myself are committed and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as and athlete and coach for your program.
I hope that you will join us in being part of a truly special and unique team that will  break barriers and set the standard for the rest of the world to follow.  
​I wish you all good luck and I look forward to meeting and working with all of you personally. 

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