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About Us 

​Peak Performance Miami is the home of USA National and Olympic Coach Juan Miguel Moreno.   
​Here at Peak Performance Miami is where Coach Moreno trains national and international world class athletes on a daily basis and host many national team members and coaches from around the world that seek to train with Peak Performance National Team and Coach Moreno.  
After his third Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 Coach Moreno took his original established team "Team Miami" and changed it to Peak Performance National Team as the program grew to national levels with the inclusion of teams from around the country that would become part of the Peak Performance National Team.
​Today Coach Moreno has sixteen exclusive teams from around the United States that come together to form Peak Performance National Team.   In addition to Peak Performance National Team Coach Moreno has two international programs that are part of the Peak Performance umbrella that include international world class athletes and coaches. 

Coach Marlene Moreno began a little tigers class for 5 to 7 year old children.  This class is a traditional Taekwondo martial arts class two times per week structured to teach respect, discipline, physical fitness and self-confidence as we introduce children to the wonderful world of Taekwondo.  
We also offer an entry level athlete development program launched in 2008 by former athlete Coach Jorge Bisbal.   
This program is for athletes of all ages that desired to learn about competitive Taekwondo in a uniquely designed program that combines the fundamentals of traditional Taekwondo and begin to teach the sports principles in a progressive manner to develop future athletes that will eventually have the skills and knowledge to become part of Peak Performance National Team if the so desire.  
The vision to produce Junior, Collegiate and National USA Team Members, with the ultimate goal of developing an athlete to represent the United States in the Olympic Games remains the same and it give a clear picture to the entire team. 
We hope that you will join us in being part of a truly special and unique team that will break barriers and set the standard for the rest of the United States and the world to follow.
We wish you all good luck and we look forward to meeting and working with all of you personally.
Juan Miguel Moreno
Founder and Director of Peak Performance National Team