Juan Miguel Moreno   

Founder and Director of PeaK Performance USA .

Three-time Olympian Juan Miguel Moreno, resides in Miami, FL with his four daughters and wife Marlen Ramirez Moreno.  

As an athlete Master Moreno is one of the most decorated athletes in the United States;  He was an Eight Time National Team Member and a Three Time Olympic Team Member.  He made his Olympic debut in 1988 in the Soul Olympic Games where Taekwondo was introduced as an Olympic Sport to the world.  His appearance in the Soul Games at the young age of seventeen thrusted Master in to the spot light as his final fight was controversial and he accepted the Silver Medal out of respect to country and team but not the decision.  

Master Moreno is a world renowned athlete and coach in the sport of Taekwondo, achieving  two Olympic Silver medals and three Olympic Teams.   Coach Moreno describes himself as a hard-working athlete who will push his body to the maximum limit to achieve the maximum goal.  Since retiring from competition in 2000, he has become one of the most sought after coaches in the world!  Mr. Moreno has served as USA Head Coach and has also been appointed by the US Olympic Committee to oversee the USA Taekwondo Governance and Management Committee.  Master Moreno also coach’s the USA National Team and is the Head Coach and Team Director of the #1 National Taekwondo Team in the United States Of America.  Peak Performance National Team was started by Master Moreno in 1998 as Team Miami.  He later change the name to Peak Performance National Taekwondo Team.  Currently Master Moreno serves  as the Director and Head Coach of all Peal Performance National Team Training Seminars in addition to serving as USA Taekwondo National Head Coach.  
As a person, Mr. Moreno is a very humble person that is well liked by many.  He has traveled the world and even put himself through school in Korea so that he could train with the best as a teenager and before each of his Olympic appearances in '88, '92, and the 2000 Games.

 “Choice, not chance, determine destiny”  - anonymous

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