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The Peak Performance Mission

Since 2001 my focus has been on the production and development of high-level athletes and coaches in the sport of Taekwondo.
My daily life is centered on how I can develop athletes and grow the global sport of Taekwondo.  To date, the success that I have been able to accomplish has not come alone; is has come with the commitment and buy-in from the athletes as well as from a cadre of coaches that have played supporting roles along the way.  Taking this cooperative and inclusive approach has afforded me the opportunity to develop champions at every level. The athletes that I am directly responsible for have participated in almost every major international junior and senior event since 2005.
 As a USA National team and Head Coach of Peak Performance USA I have been able to take athletes from the basic fundamental stage of the sport and develop them into national champions, national team members, international medalist and Olympic medalist.  Theses accomplishments require the creation, design and development of programs specifically designed to attain a predetermined goal.  My belief in that a successful coach is not only knowledgeable of the sport and knows how to train athletes, a successful coach is focused, driven, team oriented and dedicated to the process of developing athletes.  It is with both pride and humility that I am able to state, whether as an athlete or as a coach, I have participated in every Olympic Games that included Taekwondo (1988 - 2016).  This accomplishment requires the complete utilization of all the ability and skills that I have acquired over the years.  The most recent manifestation of my coaching experience were the success of our athletes at the 2011 Pan American Games and 2012 Olympic games.  Currently I am at the beginning of the fulfillment of a mission I set for myself over 13 years ago, when I finished my competitive career.  That mission was to train athletes to represent their country in the Olympic Games.  I am poised and ready to continue working diligently for years to come and assist many athletes in their journey to become World and Olympic champions.