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​​​​​Development Program 

Peak Performance Miami has a fundamental development program for athletes of all ages in the science of Olympic Taekwondo and the specific training system required to be a successful Taekwondo competitor, using Taekwondo as a belief system, “A way of Life" to encourage the practices of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control & Indomitable Spirit. 
Our sole purpose is to develop taekwondo athletes that wish to compete at the state, national and international level using the discipline and focus which Olympic Taekwondo provides as a training system. This discipline reinforces good family values, as well as respect to one self, community and country.  We teach all our athletes to have a winning attitude toward competition and life based on the simple yet profound principles of positive self-expectancy, motivation, self-image, control, discipline, self-esteem and awareness. 
These principles will be provided to our athletes on a daily basis using a carefully designed and innovative training system. We provide training that is athlete oriented with an Olympic atmosphere to create a healthy learning environment. 
This program is designed to teach the applicational aspects of Olympic Taekwondo to athletes of all ages that desire to develop their competitor skills, further their understanding of the science of Olympic Taekwondo and the inherent requirements to become an elite taekwondo athlete at the state, regional, national and international level. Our training is conducted and follows the guides lines set by USA National & Olympic Team Coach Juan Moreno.  At Peak Performance Miami, we treat all our athletes with honor, respect and integrity.
Our goal is to become an asset to the development of our South Florida Community & discover the possibilities of future Olympic Taekwondo Athletes that will come from our Great State.

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